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Corey Pritchett Jr. is a social media celebrity who rose to prominence thanks to the Carmen and Corey YouTube channel. His channel, which he co-owns with his wife Carmen, has a fan base of more than 4 million people. They also co-own and operate The Pritchett Family, a family channel. Corey also has a channel called “Life With Corey!” It has a lot of content about cars and car events. Corey is also active on other social media platforms than YouTube.

Early life

Corey Pritchett Jr. was born in the United States of America on May 31, 1998. Pritchett Jr.appears to be an only child, as none of his siblings have addressed him. He is an African-American. Gemini is his Zodiac sign. Furthermore, based on his son’s age, he appears to have graduated from high school.

Personal life

In October 2017, Corey Pritchett Jr. married Carmen Pritchett, a YouTuber friend. In 2017, they welcomed their first child, Cj, and on October 11, 2018, he received his second son, Ayden. Corey’s previous relationships and connections are unknown. He is a self-effacing and independent individual. Corey does not enjoy being a part of the argument and would instead focus on his work than getting caught up in rumors and controversy.


Corey Pritchett Jr. rose to prominence as the host of Carmen and Corey’s YouTube channel, which he co-owns with his better half, Carmen. He started the channel in November 2016 with his friend, and the two began posting pranks, challenges, and vlogs. Over 4 million people have subscribed to the channel. The channel’s most popular video, Let’s Have A Baby Prank!! (Gets Real), has received over 12 million views.

The Pritchett Family, a family channel launched in February 2018 and has over 1.05 million subscribers, is also managed by the couple. Our Morning Routine With Two Babies! is the channel’s most popular video, with over 950k views. Corey Pritchett Jr. also has his own YouTube channel, Life With Corey!, which he started in May 2017. He posts movies on his automotive collection, including Dodge Chargers, Chevrolet Corvettes, Monte Carlos, trucks, four-wheelers, and Lamborghinis.

He also uploads videos on automobile events, car displays, and video games. My Ford F-250 Crushed A Lady Car “oops” is the channel’s most popular video, with over 1.8 million views. Corey Pritchett Jr. is also on Facebook and Twitter. His Instagram account @coreypritchettjr_ has over 2.8 million followers, while his Twitter account has over 217K followers.


Though Corey Pritchett Jr. is a YouTube & social media star, he didn’t act in any movies or get offered any kind of movie.


According to our information, Corey Pritchett Jr. has had a few partnerships in the last few years. Not all of Corey’s previous relationships, partners, and breakups are public knowledge.

It is difficult to find relationship status of Corey Pritchett Jr.

List of TV shows

Corey Pritchett Jr. didn’t attend any tv shows.


Celebrities on YouTube Corey and Carmen Pritchett are known for their witty banter and adorable connection. Still, their online drama keeps the majority of their fans watching their vlogs.

Net Worth

Corey is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars and one of the most popular. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Corey Pritchett Jr. has $1.5 million.

Unknown Facts About Corey Pritchett Jr

  • Corey Pritchett Jr. has black eyes & black hair.
  • Corey Pritchett Jr.‘s height is 6 feet.

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