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Juana Ahumada is best known for being the wife of Pedro Rivera, a Mexican singer, and actor. Even though Pedro is quite active on Instagram, he has yet to introduce his wife to the network. Pedro is a well-known Mexican singer and actor moving on to her husband. Pedro is a well-known Mexican singer and actor; El Inocente (2018), Escape sangriento (1985), and Clave Privada are among his acting credits (1996).

Early life

Juana Ahumada is a mexican singer born on August 7, 1980, in Mexico. She attended a high school in Mexico. Juana also attended and graduated from Unity College. Juana did not divulge anything about her parents and siblings, as do most celebrities.

Juana is highly concerned about her health and attractiveness because she is married to a celebrity. Ahumada’s weight is 55 kilograms. Juana preserves her mental and physical well-being. Juana’sJuana’s height is reported to be 5’5′′5’5′′ feet.


Juana’sJuana’s professional career did not fare as well as her husband Pedro’sPedro’s, whose music has earned a worldwide reputation among Mexican music enthusiasts. People know Juana for her nearly eight-year stint as her husband Pedro’sPedro’s assistant. Aside from that, no information about her former career is available.

Pedro Rivera, who is the husband of Juana, a well-known musician and actor, is the reason for her celebrity. Pedro is famous for his acting and singing careers. His acting career began in 1985 with the film “La Tumba del damp.” He also appeared in “Executioner of Traitors” later that year and “Road to Hell” the following year. Pedro has also appeared in “La Cage de Oro,” El Fiscal de Hierro,” and “El Corridor de Los Perez,” among other TV episodes and films. In addition to his role as Valerio, he has appeared in the movie “Unindio Quiere Llorar” and “La Inderio.”

Personal life

Based on her current relationship status, Juana is a married woman. Pedro Rivera is a performer, actor, singer, composer, and record producer from Mexico. Juana worked as Pedro’sPedro’s assistant for over eight years before marriage.

In 2019, the couple married in a covert wedding ceremony in Huntington Park, California. Apart from the bride and groom, the officiator was the only person present during the wedding ceremony.

Rivera’s Rivera’sRivera’s first wife was Rosa, whom he married in 1963. Juana, who he married in 2019, is his second wife.

Their admirers were unaware that the couple had married. After Juana and Pedro had been married for a few months, Pedro revealed his marriage on Un Nuevo Da.

The couple is happy in their marriage, and there are no rumours of illicit affairs between them. The pair does not, however, have any children together.

Film list

Juana has not acted in any movies. We didn’t find any relevant information about her.

List of Tv shows

We didn’t find any relevant information about Juana’sJuana’s tv shows or series.


Juana Ahumada’s love only appears to be head over heels for Don Pedro Rivera. So she didn’t have any relationship without her husband.


There is no controversy about Juana Ahumada. She loves to keep her life secret.

Net Worth of Juana

According to some reliable reports, Juana has a net worth of between $400k and $500k. Her net worth is mainly derived from her celebrity spouse and family member status.

Juana’sJuana’s spouse Pedro Rivera, on the other hand, is reported to be worth $195 million. His success stems from his work as an actor, performer, singer, and record producer.

Unknown Facts About Juana Ahumada

  • Juana has six stepchildren.
  • Juana’sJuana’s stepdaughter Jenni Rivera perished in a plane crash on December 9, 2012.
  • Governor Tom Wolf endorsed Juana for Secretary of Education in Pennsylvania in June 2015. She had been confirmed.
  • Lupillo Rivera, her stepson, is younger than Juana.
  • Juana does not appear to be a frequent user of social media.

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