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Melissa Brim is a determined and dynamic woman who has achieved great success. She is most known as the baby mama of boxer Floyd Mayweather, for whom she has gained a lot of fame and social standing. However, her relationship with the well-known boxer is not the leading cause of her celebrity.

Since she was a teenager, the entrepreneur has worked hard to succeed. Melissa’s hard work pays off, as she is the owner of two profitable businesses. Despite the numerous challenges that life has thrown her, she has overcome them and attained her current position.

Early life

Melissa Rene Brim, who was a boxer, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 30, 1975. The name of her parents is James and Tina Brim. She grew up in a comfortable environment. Rene Brim also has a tight relationship with her younger brother, Bubba Brim.

On the other hand, the businesswoman has kept a low profile before her celebrity. Melissa has not completed her studies, despite the privacy shield. Because she became a teen mom to her son, she had to drop out of school as a juvenile. In a society that looks down on young mothers, it was difficult for her to raise her child at such a young age.

Melissa, who was known as a tomboy, was able to show an interest in style around the time Floyd gave her gifts and other accessories from the fashion industry. In 1999, Melissa Brim started working as a waitress at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She opted to take maternity leave while she was pregnant with their daughter.

Melissa enjoys practicing with her father, even though Brim isn’t a big boxing fan. Melissa is also teaching her daughter business in the hopes of one day being the CEO of Mayweather Promotions.

Personal life

Melissa Brim, 16, was a lucky shopper in a Las Vegas casino, where she was not authorized to be because she was not legally obliged to drink. According to a friend of hers, a wealthy man had indicated an interest in meeting with her. According to who was with whom, Melissa was in a relationship with Mayweather between 1998 and 2000. Regarding the children, Floyd is the mother of two: Devon Cromwell, whom she had from a previous relationship, and Jordan Cromwell, whom she had from an earlier relationship.

On the other hand, Floyd is hesitant to speak publicly about her ex-husband. Melissa Brim views herself to be self-assured and capable. Brim started working when she was 16 years old. She dropped out of high school after learning of her pregnancy with Mayweather’s child. Brim always puts her personal needs first while starting a new work.


After completing her studies, Melissa began her career as a businesswoman; she has a boutique in LV, USA. Floyd Mayweather, her ex-boyfriend, and former boxer help her establish her own business financially.

Floyd Mayweather is a well-known former American boxer and boxing promoter. He began his professional career in 1996. Floyd Mayweather a boxer who won a bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics with his performance in the semi-finals of the 57 kg weight class.

He has received multiple awards for his remarkable boxing talents during his tenure as a boxing trainer. Floyd won the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year title and the International Boxing Award in 1998.

Floyd made a substantial sum of money during his boxing career. Floyd Mayweather has a net worth of roughly $ 560 million, according to estimations.


Melissa Brim met Floyd Mayweather Jr. by coincidence in a Las Vegas casino bar in the late 1990s, when she was too young to be there. One of her acquaintances had told her that a wealthy man was interested in seeing her.

Despite her reservations about his motivations, she agreed to see him and provided him with her phone number after a brief conversation. After a few days, he called her and identified himself as Floyd, a new boxer from Grand Rapids with a 1-0 record.

They started hanging out, and she would spend hours watching him train at the gym. Devon Cromwell, her eight-month-old son, was already with her at the time. After meeting him, she became pregnant with Floyd’s child and gave birth to Iyanna Mayweather in 2000.

Floyd continued to assist his daughter in the years after she stopped talking to him because of an incident with his former girlfriend Josie Harris. In the interim, Melissa became connected with another man, but when that relationship ended, Floyd contacted her after five years and apologized for some of the things he had done. They reconnected as friends and started co-parenting their child.

He gave her not only a house but also one of his automobiles. In 2009, he finally asked her what she wanted to do and assisted her in opening her Las Vegas boutique. Devanna Love Boutique was created by combining the names of her two children, Devon and Iyanna.


Melissa Brim’s relationship with Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been fraught with controversy. They stopped interacting in 2000 after he physically assaulted her twice. He had previously pushed her down with a car door and hit her in the neck in a mall. Both times, Floyd was found guilty of domestic violence. Floyd’s ex-girlfriend Josie Harris chastised her for not being with her son’s father in August 2014.

Net worth

Melissa’s net worth is estimated at around $700,000. The famous multi-millionaire boxer Mayweather generates a lot of money from her shop in LV in the United States, where she owns it with the support of her ex-boyfriend. Melissa just launched her skincare line, Rich Skin, which she owns.

For her birthday, her boyfriend Floyd surprised her with a Mercedes AMG G63. Furthermore, the land was a gift from her ex-boyfriend, and she makes a living from it.

Unknown Facts About Melissa Brim

  • Melissa’s kid, “Kingxcromwell,” is a well-known Instagram user.
  • Melissa’s favorite foods are Baked Potato, Canned Salmon, Milk Fortified with Vitamin D & Kale.
  • Melissa’s favorite Sports are Rugby, Tennis, Football & Chess
  • Melissa’s favorite perfume Calvin Klein, Chanel N°5 & Dior J’adore Eau.
  • Melissa’s favorite Places in Los Angeles, California, USA, Washington, Canada, St Louis, Missouri, New York, Las Vegas, etc.

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